CAD/CAM Integration

SigmaMRP™ links with SigmaNEST® to create a totally automated software solution.

An Estimating and Quoting module utilizes the valuable parts and nesting data in SigmaNEST to produce formal time estimates and part pricing quotes in seconds.

Key functionality includes:

  • Automatically calculate part area, cut length, and pierce numbers
  • Calculate part costs with an integrated costing model featuring user-defined parameters for machine recovery rate, operator costs, and other overhead and consumable materials
  • Calculate processing time based on the nominal feed rate, material type and thickness, machine acceleration, part quality specifications, rapid traverse, an d head up-down movement on piercing

Import SigmaNEST Quotations into SigmaMRP™

Once quotations are created in SigmaNEST they are available to load directly into a Sales Order in SigmaMRP. Quotes can be extended adding any additional non-profile items and become a standard SigmaMRP job.

Re-nest Multiple Orders in SigmaNEST®

SigmaMRP automates the creation of new nests based on criteria from your order book.

Filter orders for due date, material type and many other fields to create the lowest possible scrap rate possible.

Two-Way Sheet Integration

Two-way sheet links allow sheets to be purchased in SigmaMRP and automatically appear in SigmaNEST. Once used in SigmaNEST sheets can be re-ordered in SigmaMRP.

SigmaNEST Links with MRP